BioCube is building out new state-of-the-art lab space in two central locations in the heart of Silicon Valley. There is new space available in the North Campus and South Campus.


We've designed innovative work spaces so you can work, play, and grow.

68,521 square feet.

BioCube has just doubled it's facility size. Are you ready to join the cube? Leases are happening now.

We have doubled our footprint in South SJ
We have five new spaces now available.


Here you'll find our latest blueprints, services, and amenities.

BioCube South (HQ)

In taking over the full building for a total of 68,521 square feet, BioCube’s team has designed a new break area and dining room on the first floor that will open up to outdoor space, along with an upstairs café and lounge to rival any top retailer. Moving its current incubator upstairs, BioCube will, for the first time, offer custom-built lab space to mid-stage biotechnology companies throughout the first floor. See the latest floor plan.

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BioCube North (SQ)

BioCube is building out new offices as the premier life science partner with BioSquare Silicon Valley. Creating a life sciences ecosystem and research park, BioCube will offer biotechnology companies looking for experimental lab space, operational support, and concept labs, access to a new and vibrant community. Right in the heart of Silicon Valley, on Zanker Road. Construction of the new life science space has begun.

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The Concept Lab

We innovate. We update. We modernize. We meet the demand. BioCube is adaptable. And nothing proved to be more true when working with Ionobell on their new concept lab. Ionobell, an R&D company with expertise in battery material/cell development needed a state-of-the-art concept lab complete with a unique layout and equipment. When bright ideas become better batteries, we are there to facilitate the kind of space that can make it happen. Today this lab is one of the few like it, in the country.

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Our Services & Client

BioCube is an independent incubator that believes in helping small, medium, and large tenants commercialize their innovative ideas. At the core of what we do is provide businesses with room for growth. We also offer advisory services in branding, marketing, public relations, real estate, compliance, and business assistance. Since startup companies lack many resources, experience, and networks, we are here to provide the services that help get you through the initial hurdles to acquisition.

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Our Amenities

For BioCube's founders, it was vitally important to design state-of-the-art modern conveniences, like a boutique hotel. The expansion focused on devising a community and social outlet to foster and grow the startups in "the Cube." The plans were concept was based on a ‘Funnel and Flow’ approach which increased common amenity space to exceed current industry trends. With multiple cafes, outdoor lounge areas, break rooms, and executive class reception, you'll feel right at home.

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Our Availability

Demand could not be higher than it is now, with an increased need for COVID-19 testing and vaccine research, making SJ BioCube’s 2021 availability a welcome benefit for the industry. Designed with the latest social distancing needs in mind, the space will be ideal for companies in a wide range of biotechnology research and development, including chemistry, therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics, COVID-19 testing, healthcare, supplies, pharmaceuticals, and oncology.

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