In everything we do, we believe in making the world a better place for science. A place where innovators are comfortable and their journey to expand human knowledge is a shared destination in a vibrant scientific community. Located in both South and North San Jose, our two incubators are already home to some of Silicon Valley's most remarkable life science companies. Connect to tour or learn more.



We offer brand new specialized co-working spaces and modern lab facilities for high-growth startups doing remarkable things. We are independent and provide a resource-rich infrastructure for scientists to thrive in. Our 70,000 square foot new north campus is located at: 2680 Zanker Rd, San Jose, CA 95134.



Connect with us or Oscar, and we will set up a tour to show you around. We'll discuss everything in detail. You can tour our South San Jose HQ or our newly opened North San Jose incubator Class A facility. Membership is scaleable and subject to availability and compliance.



We operate as an independent innovation hub between scientists and discovery. We work with well-funded start-ups or corporate spin-offs to help grow idea to commercialization. We have wet labs, conference rooms, huddle rooms, and office space available for your unique needs. If you are interested in learning more please connect with us/


Oscar Battaglia
Facilities & Operations Director
Oscar is best known for being the office caregiver, moved by a genuine desire to help others make their world a better place. Also known as the  24X7 “Go-To Guy,” he leads BioCube’s day-to-day operations and facilities management including, security, maintenance, operations, compliance, planning, community care and safety issues.  Oscar learned early in his career that people don’t buy what you do, but why you do it. His ‘why’ is simple... when Oscar removes operational roadblocks, his clients incubate great ideas more freely!
Anthony Gonzalez
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Tony is energized by both beauty and precision. Both BioCube’s founder and executive leader, Tony strives to create exceptional lab workplaces that bring inspiration, safety, confidence and community to BioCube’s clients.  With a decade of lab facility expertise, he oversees all BioCube operations. Prior to BioCube, Tony managed high-profile laboratory facility projects including the $43.5mm build-out for Roche Group, a top-2 global pharmaceutical company.
Jane E. Lalonde
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Jane Lalonde oversees BioCube's brand, design, digital presence, and public relations. Jane also drives its go-to-market initiatives, pioneering new ways to talk about its amazing clients and the incubator model. Jane is a well-known Silicon Valley brand guru who had helped generate more than $2B in IPO's, acquisitions, and investments as a CMO.


Since 2004, the legacy of improving life through discovery has been deeply rooted in here. As of 2024, we have have 40+ disruptive companies in our innovation hub as we bridge the gap between scientist and discovery.

"We help our tenants grow according to their needs, however long that takes because we believe science has no expiration date." --Tony Gonzalez, CEO

BioCube South San Jose now spans 68,521 square feet and provides almost anything a blossoming biotech company needs. BioCube North San Jose now encompasses 70,000 feet and is now open. Our master plan is to impact the world by providing a resource-rich infrastructure for scientists to thrive in. A place where they can love their lab. Be proud of their office. And find their home. Our HQ (South) is located at 5941 Optical Ct, San Jose, CA 95138. Our newest location (North) is located at: 2680 Zanker Rd, San Jose, CA 95134.