We minimize environmental impact, while continuing to power life.

Our business model involves a 2-prong strategy: proprietary technology development, R&D consulting, and equipment usage. We develop and produce proprietary battery materials, the IP of which has the potential for purchasing or licensing, which ultimately go into battery cell products. We also lead other startup companies to success through advising and technical consulting, providing development know-how, and using our in-house R&D equipment.

We also have been investigating ways to recycle waste material into electrodes that will increase the charge life and cycle life of batteries, translating to longer lasting smartphones and electric vehicles (EVs) that can be driven over 300 miles after a single charge.

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"Our experience with BioCube has been nothing short of exceptional. Friendly staff, clean, space-efficient workspaces, and upbeat/productive atmosphere."

-- Robert Ionescu, Ionobell Scientist