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Located in Silicon Valley, our incubator is home to some of the most dynamic biotech start-ups in the world, and our massive modern expansion includes new labs, huddle rooms, workspaces and more. If you need move-in ready labs, connect with us.


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In everything we do, we believe in making the world a better place for science and innovators who dedicate their lives to it. So we offer user-friendly workspaces, fully-resourced state-of-the art labs and shared areas that are immaculate, beautiful, and compliant.

This year, we delivered 100,000+ square feet of office, wet lab, dining, outdoor, concept and research space.

We now have room for 20+ more innovative clients that desire wet labs or office space in Silicon Valley at BioCube North. So, please connect with us.

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BioCube is a shared workspace environment comprised of modern labs, offices, conference rooms, shared equipment and beautiful community spaces. Come take a seat at the table. Come explore "the Cube."



We believe science does wonders.
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