BioCube & Lucira Press Release

Lucira Health Selects SJ BioCube as Quality Assurance Launchpad for First-of-its-Kind COVID-19 & Flu At-Home Test

• Science-focused facility leadership, workplace design, and local talent pool were key decision drivers

• BioCube’s leadership team to provide consulting services to upgrade Lucira’s other facilities

SAN JOSE, Calif.—May 31, 2022: San Jose BioCube, a leading life-sciences incubator, announced that Lucira Health Inc. [NASDAQ: LHDX] has selected BioCube’s South San Jose location as the hub for its global quality-management operations. The selection of BioCube’s Class A facility advances Lucira in its plan to introduce the first-ever COVID-19 & Flu at-home test ahead of what is expected to be a disruptive flu season, with flu viruses circulating alongside highly contagious SARS-CoV-2 variants.

Lucira has submitted for FDA emergency use authorization (EUA), with plans to introduce this new test as the nation adapts to an endemic coronavirus coincident with seasonal flu viruses. With effective therapeutics now available for COVID-19 as well as for influenza, states are moving toward test-to-treat instead of test-to-isolate. Lucira’s latest test, if authorized, could facilitate this change by offering a lab-quality, differentiated diagnosis of COVID-19, Flu A, or Flu B in 30 minutes—from the convenience of a patient’s home.

Inside BioCube SJ

“Lucira is growing quickly, expanding our product line and our geographical reach, so finding a partner who shared our vision for high quality, accurate at-home testing was a high priority,” said Lucira Health CEO and President Erik Engelson. “With San Jose BioCube, we have a partner with a commitment to safety and a proven ability to meet the needs of biotech companies. In fact, the labs, common areas, and workspaces are so immaculate and beautifully designed that we also intend to conduct onboarding meetings of new employees at BioCube.”

Lucira will occupy approximately 15,000 square-feet of space at BioCube, spanning two floors and including six state-of-the-art labs as well as modern office space. BioCube has a track record of attracting life-sciences disruptors like Impossible Foods, Collagen Solutions, and Genia, to name a few.

"Not all lab facilities are created equal."-BioCube CEO, Tony Gonzalez

“When we designed BioCube, we wanted to demonstrate that not all lab facilities are created equal—and to attract the best and brightest tenants,” said BioCube CEO Tony Gonzalez. “Lucira exists to protect the lives and livelihoods of citizens around the world, and we are delighted Lucira’s team has selected BioCube as an operations hub. They join a thriving ecosystem of like-minded companies.”

About Lucira Health

Lucira is a medical technology company focused on the development and commercialization of transformative and innovative infectious disease tests. Lucira's testing platform produces lab-quality molecular testing in a single-use, consumer-friendly, palm-size test kit powered by two AA batteries. Lucira designed its test kits to provide accurate, reliable, and on-the-spot molecular test results anywhere and at any time. Lucira is working on new diagnostic tests including a single test for COVID-19 & Flu that recently completed successful clinical trials, as well as other infectious diseases. For more information, visit

About BioCube

In everything, we look to innovate new spaces for scientists making the world better, so we constantly strive to improve the health and well-being of the buildings they occupy. So we design, build, and manage common areas as clean and safe as they are beautifully designed and maintained. We thrill at giving care and all the little things that help accelerate, commercialize, and safeguard profound discoveries. Located in San Jose, BioCube continues to design labs for the next generation of scientists, including companies like Lucira Health, Change Foods, Lolliware, Oxford BioTheraptics, and market disruptors such as Ariosa, Geneweave, Genia, and Impossible Foods. For more information, visit

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