Lab SpaceS

Advances in laboratory research keep accelerating, so we offer modern lab spaces with dynamic membership options. We strive to provide solutions that are uniquely geared to your needs while achieving regulatory compliance. And we have room across our two facilities totalling 140,000 square feet.

Core Labs

Core labs access.

Membership starts with prorated access to our core labs. Then evolves as you do.  As you progress, we help move your company into the BioCube and bring all the specialized resources needed to build custom facilities within our BioCube complex.

Wet Labs

Wet labs access.

Our wet-lab spaces range from a 100 sq. foot bench space in our Concept Lab to 500-1,300 square foot individual lab suites. Included is: central DI water and vacuum, fume hoods, emergency showers and eye wash stations, HazMat storage cabinets, 110V, 220V emergency power outlets, etc.

Maintenance matters.

"We believe a new model of lab design has emerged, one that creates lab environments that are responsive to present needs and capable of accommodating future demands. Our clients expect us to keep up. So we do.

---Tony Gonzalez, Managing Director of BioCube SJ