From specialized facilities to precision instruments, we provide you shared resources that can help accelerate your progress without diminishing your capital investment. Our meticulously maintained equipment --upholds all industry standards, allowing you to push your limits, worry-free.



You'll find the Leica DMI 6000B (w/o IMC) Fluorescence Microscope, Eppendorf Centrifuge 5810, -80 & -20 Refrigerators, Beckman Coulter Avanti j-30I Centrifuge, Applied BioSystems 7900 HT Fast Real-Time PCR System, Alpha Innotech FluorChem HD2, BD BioScience FACS Canto II Flow Cytometer, & Millipore Milli-q


FACILITIES. Our research facilities include a scientific lab, cell culture room, virus room, bacteria room, 4 degrees C walk-in cold room and a service alcove area.
LABS. Our core chemistry labs include a BD BioSciences FACSCanto II Flow Cytometer. This high-performance system helps streamline work and performance.
ROOMS. Our cell culture rooms include a wet-lab space with a: Bio-Safety Cabinet, Sanyo C02 incubator, Freezer, microscope and Beckman Centrifuge.
DIVERSE: Our ecosystem is supporting 50+ health, tech and science ventures tackling a broad range of challenges from cancer to food supply.
DYNAMIC. We have four movable-wall conference rooms sized to accommodate informal meetings to hosting a small trade show or an investor or press roadshow.
CREATIVITY. We approach all things with methodical planning, compliance, and care. Then we add our creative flare.
SILICON VALLEY. Located in the heart of San Jose, CA, we are building out beautiful amenities for our clients.
OUTDOORS. We offer modern outdoor "relax" spaces for our clients to help foster community, collaboration, and inspiration.
INDEPENDENT. We are an independent incubator. With guidance from Silicon Valley legend, Carl Berg, we are building a dynamic model for lasting innovation.