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zPREDICTA is developing organ-specific, physiologically-relevant 3D cell culture models providing a 1-to-1 reconstruction of human tissues. This is the only available 3D culture approach that comprehensively accounts for the major components of cellular and extracellular tissue microenvironment preserving the critical interactions between a tumor and its surroundings. Clinical study data demonstrate the high correlation between drug efficacy measured in our platform and the clinical response. The ability of zPREDICTA platform to reliably predict clinical outcomes offers superior compound attrition management empowering researchers to exclude ineffective compounds while selecting agents with a high probability of success in the clinic.

zPREDICTA platform can be employed to test a wide variety of therapeutics including, but not limited to, small molecules, antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates, biologics, and cellular therapies, including CAR-T cells. Our customers are using these models for efficacy screening of anticancer compounds, evaluation of mechanisms of drug resistance, the rescue of failed drug candidates, assessment of off-target toxicity, and a multitude other applications. The versatile formats of our systems include high throughput, for large-scale drug screening and lead optimization, or high complexity, for a mechanism of action and pre-clinical studies. The accurate reconstruction of cellular and extracellular compartments of human tissues by zPREDICTA models supports the long-term survival of patient-derived cells, organoids, and cell lines. The physiological 3D organization provided by zPREDICTA technology enables accurate reconstruction of organ-specific 3D tissue microenvironment enabling evaluation of therapeutic agents under conditions environment-mediated drug resistance.

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"San Jose BioCube provides all the resources we need to run our operations. Being able to expand within the facility has been instrumental to our success."

-- Julia Kirshner, CEO zPredicta