We are a mission to beat cancer.

MIODx was founded in 2014 with the belief that the current methods of monitoring cancer progression are still lacking.   We believe a better cancer therapy begins with a better diagnostic, and the one-size fits all approach used today, doesn't work when dealing with a hyperdynamic biological system.

To give a better diagnosis, you need to have the best information possible.  To accomplish this goal, we began our journey to discover the best platform to monitor a patient's immune response.  Working with leaders in the field of immunotherapy, oncology, genetics, and immunosequencing we constantly explore the amalgamation of biology, software and engineering.

By building a great team of passionate people, empowering the researchers that count on our platform to publish groundbreaking studies, and giving doctors information they can use to monitor patients, we will give each patient a medically improved outcome.

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Our MIODx platform can sequence and analyze TCR and BCR profiles using both bulk or high-throughput single cell sequencing.