We cracked the code on energy storage.

Gridtential Energy is a formation-stage Silicon Valley company created by an experienced team of serial inventors and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to develop an exciting new energy storage concept into a market-ready product that will change the way the world generates and uses energy. Through a dynamic material approach that integrates silicon into traditional lead chemistry, Gridtential'sSilicon Joule® Technology is enabling the next generation of high-performance, low-cost batteries. The fully recyclable Silicon Joule battery yields vastly increased cycle life, improved power and energy densities, and more.

The Gridtential team features a group of serial inventors, entrepreneurs, and disruptors who have galvanized industries, launched companies, and dedicated their entire careers to technological innovation.They recently won a major "Battery Innovation Award" at a 2018 Global Industry Gathering in Arizona, for their Silicon Joule®

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It's a complete solution for us. I have conference space, a cafe, and a very professional looking lobby which I do not have to manage myself.

Christiaan Beekhuis, CEO Gridtential Energy