Chronix Biomedical. Inc.

We offer revolutionary diagnostics that can help detect cancer, sooner.

Chronix Biomedical. Inc. is pioneering a unique approach to the detection of personal biomarkers for, monitoring and management of a broad range of cancers, neurologic diseases and other medical conditions. It has developed proprietary technology that measures and categorizes DNA sequences circulating in the blood that are associated with specific changes in disease and health status.

Using advanced genome analysis methodology, proprietary data tools and disease-specific databases, Chronix has published its results on spongiform encephalopathies, multiple sclerosis, breast cancer, prostate cancer and multiple myeloma in several scientific journals. It is currently conducting studies in other cancers. 

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“The knowledge that we have gained over the past year now suggests to us that we are able to provide to doctors and their patients the ability to diagnose at the most earliest stage the presence of cancer in their body.”

--Howard Urnovitz, Founder, Chief Science/Strategy Officer Chronix Biomedical