BioMarker Pharmaceuticals

We are a scientific partner for a healthier and longer life.

BioMarker is committed to the research and product development in order to increase the quality of human life and to extend a healthy lifespan.  The company has been at the forefront of these scientific advances. We have pioneered the use of gene expression profiling to establish a catalogue of gene expression changes that occur when an animal is subjected to CR.  We then use this bioinformatics tool to screen natural food sources for bioactives that reproduce these health benefits.  A successful screen results in a candidate CR mimetic (CRM).  Our current focus is on finding bioactives that target the mitochondrion, the energy source of the cell. The mitochondrion is not only a key player in lifespan regulation but is often linked to complex and chronic disease associated with dysfunctional metabolism.

Healthy aging is more than just growing old gracefully.  It is aging without the burden of the chronic diseases that often accompany the aging process.  With our molecular genetic screening platform, mitochondrial-targeted CR mimetics, and our Longevity Model Database, we are positioned to help people achieve better health, while advancing the science of aging.  Our goal at BioMarker is to find the keys to longevity, and unlock the door to a longer and healthier life for everyone.

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"San Jose bioCube provides soil, climate, and nutrition for fostering life science companies. The bioCube promotes the growth of various stages of companies to the next step, and to reach their goals."

--Dr. Xi Zhao-Wilson, CEO BioMarker