Ariosa Diagnostics

Ariosa Diagnostics, Inc., maker of the Harmony™ Prenatal Test, is a molecular diagnostics company committed to providing non-invasive, highly accurate and affordable prenatal tests for all pregnant women in an effort to promote and improve maternal and fetal health. 

Led by an experienced team of medical doctors and scientists, the company has developed cutting-edge technology to perform a directed analysis of cell-free DNA in blood. The flagship product – the Harmony™ Prenatal Test – is a simple blood test that provides pregnant women with early, personalized and accurate information on the risk of their baby having a common genetic condition, such as Down syndrome. The Harmony™ Prenatal Test empowers women to achieve their individual reproductive goals and minimizes the need for expectant mothers to undergo unnecessary invasive procedures, such as amniocentesis. To learn more:

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The company began operations in 2010 at bioCube San Jose. Five years later, it was acquired by Roche for $625 Million.