Adepthera LLC

We are focused on the development of a novel drug delivery platform.

Adepthera is a start-up company with a mission to become a pioneer in the development of innovative chronic disease therapeutics. The company founders have over five decades combined successful experience in drug discovery and development and a track record of advancing drug to the clinic and commercial registration.

Using the novel “Peptivoir” technology, we have developed a range of high potency “Peptivoir drugs” to exceed existing blockbuster drugs, and to treat validated, but clinically unaddressed, targets. These Peptivoir drugs are optimized with natural self-assemble depot-formation capability and the potential for use as a slow-release drug. To have the most impact in the near-term, our effort has centered on candidates/targets that (1) have a significant unmet medical need and proof-of-concept studies in clinics and (2) the existing competitors are suboptimal.

Currently, we are focusing on developing candidates to replace blockbuster immunological therapies, and to treat osteoarthritis and vascular aging, which affect hundreds of millions of patients but do not have an ideal therapy.

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